I Heart Cherry Mash.

As I get older, my tastes get simpler.  It really takes little to make me happy.  I have a few things in life that bring me real pleasure.
Cherry Mash is one of those things.
Be still my beating heart

Be still my beating heart

Cherry Mash was a candy I had in my youth growing up in West Texas.  It has a cherry center – not like a chocolate covered cherry runny center – like cherry chips mashed up and rolled together.  Then it is dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed peanuts.  Cherry is one of my absolute favorite flavors: cherry cobbler with ice cream, cherry pie with ice cream, maraschino cherry ice cream, chocolate covered cherries, Cherry Mash.

Since I moved to Southeast Texas in the mid-80’s, the Cherry Mash has played coy and hard-to-get.  I can’t find them out here.  When I stop at a convenience story anywhere I always check the candy aisle.  Maybe there is a stray box sitting somewhere.  I drive to West Texas to see family and know of two places that always have them; convenience stores in Robert Lee and Comanche, depending on which route I take.  Two of my best friends, PW and  BC also love Cherry Mash, so I have to pick up several when I find them.  BC lives just a few minutes from me, PW lives far away and I send a care package to her.  When BC and I travel together, we scour the candy aisles together.  Once on our way towards San Antonio, we found a box and bought the entire box!  If you’d been standing outside the store and heard our squeals, you would have thought we were two teenage girls who just won Hannah Montana tickets on the radio.

Well, my co-worker PB came into my office recently and placed a Spec’s Liquor sack on my desk.  Alcohol during work hours?  No, even better!!!!  She found Cherry Mash at Spec’s!  Here in Southeast Texas!  Less than 300 miles from my pantry!!! Less than 30 miles.  The clerk told PB that he had been selling the heck out of those, but didn’t know what they were. I have reveled in them, savored them, put some in the mail to PW,  shared them with BC.

But that’s it.  I can’t afford to let any more out of my sight.    So don’t ask.  I don’t have a spare to share.

Here are a couple of Cherry Mash recipes on the label.  They sound good on this hot, hot, hot day.

Cherry Mash Milkshake
Put in blender: One Cherry Mash cut in small pieces. Three fourths cup cold milk.  Two scoops vanilla ice cream. Chocolate syrup to taste. Blend and enjoy!

Cherry Mash Sundae
Melt two Cherry Mash bars with two tablespoons milk.  While still warm pour over vanilla ice cream.  Serves one five to six.

I know you are holding your breath until I reveal my next favorite thing.
I’m off to the store to buy a gallon of vanilla ice-cream. 

Hands Off!!

Hands Off!!

Peace to all. P

All photographs and writing property of LoneStarLifer. 2009.


7 Responses

  1. Love it! I am the same way about clove gum! We used to drive from Odessa to San Angelo just to purchase a whole box of the delicious stuff. Actually we went for a quilt show then hoped and prayed Eggimeyer’s would have clove gum for me.

    Then the wonders of Ebay and I am now able to purchase it online. So about every two months, I place an order of clove gum for me and Beeman’s gum for my mother. When that wonderful package arrives I love how the mailbox smells… taking me back to a time in my childhood that was so innocent and fun.

    Amazing how the most simple things in life bring so much joy and happiness to our lives. A piece of candy, a stick of gum, the smell of cloves… what wonderful memories come rushing back… thanks so much Paula…

  2. What about the Lamme’s pralines??? Anything from Taco Villa? 🙂

  3. I know what the dessert will be for our Dinner Club.

  4. I know what to get Paula for her birthday!!

  5. omg! i want that…forget pie! of course, cherry pie with amy’s would be great in the blender!! yummy! maybe we should make pie shakes…omg! i’m onto something!

  6. Tara- I would SO BE THERE if you had a pie shake! That’s kinda what my pie and ice cream looks like when I’m home and no one can see me eating it. I try to contain myself in public!!!

  7. oh how I used to love these when I was a kid, too!

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