Friday Faves – I Heart Royers Round Top Cafe


I’m trying to find my blog rhythm, so I’ve designated Fridays as the day to discuss the things in life that bring me pleasure.  Last week I discussed Cherry Mash and had some nice comments.  Today I will be revealing my next fav to you:

Royers Round Top Cafe in Round Top, Texas (pop 87).

Royers at night

Royers at night

Royers is a nice drive from Houston, Austin, or San Antonio,  a great central meeting spot.  20 or so minutes out of Brenham.  Do you know where Carmine is?  It’s near there.

Anyway, the Royer family is an interesting mix of 2 parents, 3 sons, 3 daughters-in-law, 1 daughter, 1 son-in-law, 2 granddaughters, 2 grandsons.  They are creative, inventive, hard-working, entrepreneuial, generous, outgoing, and very good foodies.  Really good. Worth the drive kind of food. They may be out in the middle of nowhere but their food is out of this world!  I have a standard order: tender melt-in-your-mouth pork tenderloin, covered with a peach and pepper glaze.  Placed beside that bit of perfection is mashed potato casserole and creamed corn (the BEST).  Big J is partial to their quail or steak.  If he can’t decide what he wants, he gets the L.I.T.S. (Life is Too Short) plate: Angus Pasta, pork tenderloin and quail.  Can’t miss with that.  Rolls paired with herbed butter or apple butter round out the meal.

pies Except you have to leave room for PIE.    pies2

P.I.E.  pie. Pie.  PIE. cake. PIE PIE PIE!!!!  Royers is famous for their pies with a fabulous crust.  My fav is pecan.  Running a close second is the buttermilk delight, buttermilk filling with pecans, chocolate chips and pecans.  Like fruit pies?  Try their apple, peach, cherry or strawberry-rhubarb.  Their best-seller is probably the chocolate chip pie – like a warm, huge, delicious chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top.  You can have butterscotch chip if you’d rather.  Not into pie? (Who ARE you?)  They have a great BIG Sin-namon roll or bread pudding.

Food is only part of the Royers experience.  The cafe is cozy and eclectic and there is 60’s music to keep the place hopping all day.  You can sit on the porch and help yourself (on the honor system) to soda, beer, wine.  The cafe faces the square in the center of town and often times there are interesting people or events to watch from the porch.  I’ve seen bikers, Corvette fans, artists, antiquers, family reunions as I while away some time on the porch.



You will be greeted by the family patriarch, Bud.  He’ll get you seated or take your name if there is a wait.  He’s the cafe’s traffic director on the weekends.  But that’s not all.  He bought the cafe back in 1987 and worked hard to grow it into the familiar name it is now.  These days he concentrates on the marketing, branding, catering and promoting the online ordering.   His wife, Dr. Karen, works with Crossroads Counseling in Austin.  She also has studied how creativity adds to your life, helping people to  “Live Life Deep and Wide”.   Daughter Tara runs the day-to-day of the cafe, and her husband Rick directs the kitchen (among many things).  Sons Micah and Todd have full-time jobs but can be found working at the cafe some weekends.  Son JB is in the process of moving to Brenham to be with Tara in the running of the cafe. **My apologies to the Royer family if  I didn’t get this exactly right.

Tara and Karen

Tara and Karen

As I said, food is part of the story.  Getting to know the Royer family and feeling like you are walking into “home” when you come to the cafe is the other part of the story.  Royers has a loyal, loyal client base and they come for more than just the food.  There’s a mood of community when you are sitting close with other folks, enjoying food that satisfies so many senses, hearing laughter and conversations flying everywhere, seeing the Royers sitting at tables catching up with their long-time customers who have become friends.

Todd, Rick, baby Brayden

Todd, Rick, baby Brayden

Stay tuned for Part 2 of  I Heart Royers Round Top Cafe to read how I became attached to this clan.   Next week’s Friday Fav!  Till then, try not to drool on the keyboard when you browse thru these pictures I’ve taken at different Royers events.

P.S. If you are in Timbuktu or New York City, you can order a pie and have it shipped to you.  WHAT A TREAT!!!!


All photographs and writing property of LoneStarLifer. 2009.


3 Responses

  1. I became friends with Bud after many years of patronizing the cafe while doing the Msrburger Antique Show.You haven’t had the full Round Top experience if you haven’t eaten the fab food at the cafe. The Royer family is one to be admired and even a little jealous of. Smart, funny, well adjusted members of the human race. Bud and his wife did a great job of raising a lovely family who happens to put together some of the yummiest food anywhere.I usually eat there 3 nights out of the 7 nights I am there as an antique dealer. I even helped Bud out last Fall when Tara was about to have her baby boy. Being a temporary busgirl and hostess for Bud was fun and well, an honor to be sure. Looking forward to good eats and fun times this Fall when antique week rolls around once again.

  2. (PAULA) Girl, I Can Tell You Right Now, My Diet Just Flew Out The Window, As If I Had One In The First Place…lol…I May Try To Stop By This Cafe During My Travels This Week! Thank-You For This Blog. It Looks Scrumptous! Love Ya! BEN~

  3. […] Friday I began my Friday Favs with Part 1 of I Heart Royers Round Top Cafe.  I promised more discussion about how I became entwined with this family that lives an hour and a […]

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