Invite a Friend – Army of Women

Army of Women
I have had many family and friends who have been touched by breast cancer.  Just in my family my mother, both grandmothers, an aunt and a first cousin have dealt with breast cancer.  I’ve had close friends who fought and won, and sadly, friends who didn’t make it.   Every year when I have my mammogram, I always hold my breath a little until I get the all-clear letter saying I’m good for another year.

Lovely Patricia who died in 2000.  Big J & I were married in her home.

Lovely Patricia who died in 2000. Big J & I were married in her home.

     There is a research doctor, Dr. Susan Love, who is SERIOUS about finding a cure for breast cancer.  She has set up an organization, ARMY OF WOMEN, which acts as a clearinghouse for breast cancer studies.  Women who have had breast cancer, women who haven’t, young and old women, thin and overweight women, black, white, you name it.  If you are a woman, Dr. Love wants you to join the ARMY.  She’s aiming for a million women to join the ARMY.  The Susan Love Research Foundation and the Avon Foundation for Women are behind this effort.

My beautiful cousin Pam.  She died in 2002.

My beautiful cousin Pam. She died in 2002.

It’s easy.  Just go to the ARMY OF WOMEN website and sign up.  You will be sent an email when a new study is opened and after reading the email, you can decide if you meet the basic qualifications for the study.  If you meet the basic criteria, you can submit your name and they will follow-up with more comprehensive questioning and possibly include you in a study.  Some studies can be done by mail and telephone, some are geographically specific.  Maybe you won’t qualify, but you might know someone who would and you can pass the information on to them.

Please take a few minutes and sign up.  Post this on your blog.  Let’s get those million women that Dr. Love wants.  Here’s Dr. Love on the Today Show.

Invite a Friend – Army of Women


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5 Responses

  1. I’m in. Let’s keep our gloves on and keep up the good fight. Thanks for sharing this important movement.

  2. Paula – thank you for being so proactive. I went to the Museum of Tolerance yesterday and there is a section on women. It’s not enough to sit and be idle. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to my family. Your spirit is infectious. Love you!

  3. I’m in, let’s find a cure.

  4. Paula, thanks for including me on you blog list. I appreaciate your updates about our Snyder friends, and posted your video about Snyder on my own blog. Take care of yourself.

  5. […] wrote about The Army of Women here, if you want more information on breast cancer research.  They need women to participate, whether […]

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