Fat Cyclist update.

I have written about a blogger named Fat Cyclist before.  His wife Susan is fighting cancer and I’ve been reading about their struggles for the past year.  Last Thursday Susan began being in so much pain that serious measures are being taken to make things bearable for her.  If you are moved to do so, I ask that you spend a moment in thought for Fatty (that’s what he calls himself) and Susan; also their four children at home.  You can read the latest on them at http://www.fatcyclist.com/2009/07/20/july-21-update-on-susan/.


Early Tuesday morning update: http://www.fatcyclist.com/2009/07/21/7-grapes-4-spoonsful-of-ice-cream-5-bites-of-rice/

All photographs and writing property of LoneStarLifer. 2009.


One Response

  1. Dear (PAULA), When I Left My Reply On (FATTY) And (SUSAN’s) Blog, There Were (172) Replies To Cipher Thru And Read. It Would Take A Long Time To Cipher Through So Many. However, I Wanted You To Know How Much I Appreciate You Sharing This With Us And I Wanted To Put On Your Blog My Reply To Them, So, That You Know How Much Your Gift Of Getting Info. To Us In Such Creative And Interesting Ways, Helps So Many Of Us Out Here To Be Supportive Of Those That We Might Not Know About If It Weren’t For You Sharing With Us: Here It Is:

    FRI., 7-31-09:
    Thank-You (PAULA “PARKS” FULFORD) For Sharing (FATTY) And (SUSAN’s) Story With Us, So, That We (Prayer Warriors) Can Share The Story w/Others As We All Continue To Request That This Family Be Added On All Of Our (Prayer Lists). (FATTY) And (SUSAN), As We All Continue To Pray For Your Needs To Be Met, Thank-You For Sharing Some Of The Specific Things That You Guys Are Going Through And Bringing Us Into Your Home Through The Internet. Each One Of Us Has Differant Gifts And Talents. However, When There Is A Situation Like This, We Sometimes Feel Helpless In Knowing How To Help. Through The Intimate Struggles And Concerns That You Guys Continue To Share With Us However, It Better Equips Us To Know What Specifics To Pray About And What Talents Or Gifts That We Might Be Able To Offer. You Never Know Who’s Hands (GOD) Will Put This Info. In, In Order To Be A Vessel Of Comfort, Healing Or Revelation. May (GOD) See Not Only You Both, But, Your Entire Family Through This Time Of Suffering. From The Heart Of (CHRIST’s) Love, MS. BENNIE K. JOHNSON~

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