Clue 1.



All photographs and writing property of LoneStarLifer. 2009.


3 Responses

  1. Just where are these pretty little toesies taking us?

  2. Are we headed for an exotic, white sandy beach? Gotta have great toenails for a beach trip! *elaine*

  3. PAULA, Don’t Even Think That You Guys Are Taking Off To Go To The Ocean Without Me If That Is What This Picture Is About!…lol…I Just Looked Down At My Toes And Gawked, Thinking, “It Is Definitely ‘Podiatrist Time'”! Good Grief! My Feet Are Ugly!…lol…I Don’t Even Think That Painting My Toenails Would Help…lol…However, I Would Be Quite A Safety Net At The Beach. Just Stick My Ugly Feet And Toes Into The Ocean And Every Shark, Jelly Fish Or Other Dangerous Creature In The Ocean Would Think Twice About Chomping Down On These Ugly Things! They Would Swim For Their Life!…Lawd Have Mercy!…lol…HAVE A GREAT DAY! Love Ya!…BEN~

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