Friday Faves – Carnival Spirit Alaskan Cruise.

So once there was this girl named Lone Star Lifer.  She lived in a hot part of Texas.  Every day it was hot, hotter, hottest.

Through a series of family events, Lifer got to be a part of a family Alaskan cruise.  To where it is cool, cooler, coolest.  COLD.  In the summer.   There are also mountains and trees.  Also lots and lots of water, of which there is a great lack of in Texas.

So Lifer, Big J and Little J got on a big bird with metal wings.


We, along with about 599 strangers, sat in small seats, drank some soda pop out of plastic glasses, and flew through the clouds.


Here was our home away from home.


Little J was quite the cruiser.


Lifer could see glaciers from the deck…


And beautiful scenery almost every time she heard the dinner bell ringing as she walked to the dining room.


Breakfast was plentiful, and already prepared when Lifer got up in the mornings after sleeping deeply with the sound of the waves wafting through the open balcony door.


Speaking of food……



And she saved room for dessert.


Sometimes two.


Then she would go back outside and look at God’s handiwork some more.


A West Texas high school friend took Lifer’s family on a field trip to the Mendenhall Glacier.


See the pretty purple flowers.  The Alaskans are sad when the flowers show their purple blossoms, because that means summer is almost over for them.

Here is Lifer’s family in front of the glacier.  Notice we have cold weather clothing on.  In July.  It was heavenly.   Also, it covers up the 9 pounds we’ve put on in the 3 days we’ve been on the ship.


See Lifer and Big J smile.  The week was so relaxing and fulfilling mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally.    Cruising is IT, baby!


This cruise was the first vacation Lifer and Big J had taken in 10 years.   That’s a story for another time.

Today will no doubt be really hot where I am (heat index predicted 105 degrees) – maybe where you are too.  So here is one more cool picture.


More pictures later as I get them loaded.
All pictures property of Paula Parks, Lone Star Lifer.

P.S.  Elaine and Bennie correctly guessed where I was.  Get in touch with me and I will send you a fabulous Alaska souvenir.

Click here for Part 2 of my Friday Fave about our Alaskan Cruise.

All photographs and writing property of LoneStarLifer. 2009.


14 Responses

  1. It’s it just the most beautiful place ever!

  2. once again loved your pics!

  3. Glad it was awesome! Can’t wait to see all of the pics. TWO desserts – both with chocolate?? Where do I sign up for that cruise? 🙂

  4. I enjoyed reading of your cruise. We were able to do that same cruise in 2004 and it was fabulous!! Glad you were able to enjoy it also!

  5. Oh My Goodness! (PAULA)! I Am So Glad You Guys Got To Go On This Cruise! The Pictures So Far Are Absolutely Beautiful! And No Doubt, That Cool Weather Was Heavenly! I Am So Glad That You Guys Were Able To Take Some Time Off To Go On The Trip! I Look So Forward To Seeing The Rest Of Your Pictures. I Saw In Your Blog Since (ELAINE) And (I) Guessed The Location Of Your Trip, That You Blogged Us To Contact You To Receive A Fabulous Alaska Souvenir. Girlfriend, You Have Already Blessed Me So Much, With Your Friendship, Your Talents And Gifts Of Being Able To Share So Much In Such Creative Ways Over The Internet With All Of Us. I Can’t Hardly Wait For You To Download Some More Pictures Of Your Trip And You And Your Lovely Family! (GOD) Bless You (PAULA)! Thank-You To You, Your Husband And Son For Sharing Your Lives With All Of Us!…With Much Love…BEN~

  6. So glad you enjoyed your trip…welcome back to the HEAT!

  7. Those pictures are all beautiful! Paula, you have such a creative gift!

  8. Whoops! I just left my comment on the wrong post. I put it under “what a way to….” Must have come home from work today with only 1/2 my brain intact. It was a L_O_N_G day. You can contact me at the email addie on that post re: the Alaska Souvenier. Have a great week *elaine*

  9. Came across you blog thru another blog. We are going on a 12 day land and cruise vacation to Alaska next month. I am wondering what to wear, what to take, etc. The pics are beautiful! We are going on Holland Cruise Lines.

  10. Love the beautiful pics – and your beautiful writing.

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  13. […] J is no stranger to the camera, and I took about a gimillion photos while on our Alaskan cruise.  So he couldn’t behave in every single picture.   Ham, […]

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