What a way to start a new life together!

Hope this makes your day like it made mine:


Let me know what you think!

And pay it forward!

All photographs and writing property of LoneStarLifer. 2009.


3 Responses

  1. Absolutely loved it! Wish we could have seen the parents faces.
    This may be the only way we’ll get P down the aisle without falling apart.

    • It made my heart happy! They must be a fun group 🙂

  2. Hey Texas lady! I won…I didn’t know even know it was a contest! So glad you had what was obviosly a fantabulous trip. The photos are breathtaking, ya’ll look so happy & relaxed. My father was stationed in Alaska for a short time during WWI, and I inherited several items from his time there. My favorite is a pair of fur and leather mittens that are great…long fur and soft olive green dyed leather palms(he was in the Army). The neatest thing is they are joined together by a cord that you’d run up a sleeve, across the back and down another sleeve. He told me it was to prevent mitten…and finger…loss. So anywho, what do you need so I can get my Alaska prize? Can’t wit to hear from you. Stop by Love2junk or email me at els54@earthlink.net Welcome home. *elaine

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