First Day of School.

           First Grade. 2004.FirstDayFirstGrade 002









Second Grade. 2005.1stday_2ndgr

Third Grade. 2006.         









          Fourth Grade. 2007.
4thgrade_1stday 002







                                                                                                         Fifth Grade. 2008.         









Sixth Grade. 2009.


All photographs and writing property of LoneStarLifer. 2009.


6 Responses

  1. oh what memories….this is a precious collection.

  2. …so handsome….I cannot believe he’s in middle school now….my how the time flies by…..

  3. He’s a darling Paula. But, he’s growing up so fast!!!

  4. My Goodness (PAULA)! Starts Out Such A Cutey Pie And Is Growing Into Such A Handsome Young Man! What Kind Of Personality Does He Have? Is He Good At Math Or Do You Think He Will Be Into The Arts? Does He Have A Dry Sense Of Humor Or Is He More The Serious Type? Is He Sensitive Or Does He Have A No Nonsense Kind Of Personality? I Love Reading About Each Other’s Children And Grandchildren. I Think It Fascinating When We See Little Traits Or Expressions Within Our Children That Resemble Ourselves Or Someone Else In The Family…BEN~

  5. Ah, yes – the obligatory first day of school pictures… I just took the last one for my youngest, Teresa. We moms do treasure these!

  6. They grow up so fast. Godd looking young man.

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