Moody Monday.

Monday can be the exciting start of a new week, or a bummer because the weekend was great and over too fast. It can start slow until your first cup of coffee or you can hit the ground running. Thus, my Moody Mondays. I’m going to display a photograph that I’ve taken and you can comment on your mood as you study it.


Bonus Question: Do you where and what this is?

UPDATE: Elaine knew where and what this is.  Ben was on the right track.  This is a memorial to John Lennon, found in New York City’s Central Park.  I took this picture in 2007 when I got to take a fabulous trip with my friend Vickie, and also friend Patty.  We went in May which was a beautiful time to be in the city.  One day soon we’ll take a vicarious staycation together and share pictures with you.


All photographs and writing property of LoneStarLifer. 2009.


4 Responses

  1. I know but it would be cheating for me to answer since I was there

  2. I’m Not For Sure Where This Is, But, The Word “IMAGINE” Brings “JOHN LENNON’s Song To Mind, Esp. With The Flowers Positioned In A “Peace Symbol”. I Don’t Remember Exactly Where (JOHN LENNON) Was Buried. It’s Been Too Many Years Ago. However, Is This Picture A Part Of The Entrance To His Masoleum?…Just A Guess…BEN~

  3. Yes,I know! I went there in 1991 with the Borden Co. School senior class!! My last senior trip as a sponsor was the best.

  4. This one makes me sad…John Lennon was such a gifted musician, and was taken from this world way too soon. The place is New York…Strawberry Fields? Love the floral peace symbol…”all I am saying…is give peace a chance” *elaine*

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