Joseph and me.

I’ve been absent from this space lately.  Burning the candle at all points possible.

That’s because I’m in rehearsals.

Doesn’t that sound official?

My church is presenting Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat soon.
Sat & Sun Sept 26-27 and Sat and Sun Oct 3-4.

I am an Egyptian dancing lady. That in itself is worth the price of admission.  joseph2

With full-time work and a family to watch after, being in this production has certainly filled my sleep free time.

But that’s ok, because I’m happy to share the story of Joseph.  His story is my favorite story in the Bible.  Well, besides the story of Jesus.  But my favorite Bible story about mortal humans.

Do you know the story of Joseph?  He was the favorite son, one of 12 sons, of Jacob.  His mom was Rachel, who was Jacob’s true love.  Jacob showed favoritism towards Joseph, gifting him a beautifully colored coat to show his favor.

Our fab Joseph and his fab coat.    Picture courtesy of Charles Foster.

Our fab Joseph and his fab coat. Picture courtesy of Charles Foster.

Joseph also had a dream that he and the brothers were gathering wheat.  Joseph’s bundle of wheat grew taller and the brothers’ bundles bowed to his,  interpreted to say that one day the brothers would bow to Joseph.  That was more than the brothers could take, and when Jacob sent Joseph out to check on the brothers, they made a plan to kill him.  Reuben talked the other brothers into throwing him into a pit instead, and planned to come and rescue him later.  But while Reuben was away, Ishmaelites came by and the brothers sold Joseph to them as a slave.  The brothers took the colored coat they had ripped off of Joseph, dipped it in animal blood so that it looked as if Joseph had been killed by an animal and presented it to Jacob.  Jacob was devastated, saying he would never get over losing Joseph.

Dress Rehearsal. The Ismaelite who bought Joseph for a slave.

Dress Rehearsal. The Ismaelite who bought Joseph for a slave.

Meanwhile, Joseph ends up in Egypt working for Potiphar, who managed Pharoah’s household.  Joseph was an excellent worker and Potiphar soon came to prize him.  He recognized something special in Joseph.  Joseph was made Potiphar’s personal aide and managed his personal affairs.  Potiphar’s household ran smoothly and things were good.  Genesis 39 says God was with Joseph and blessed the house.

Then here comes trouble with a capital T.  Potiphar’s wife.  Joseph was a very handsome guy and Mrs. Potiphar crooked her finger and said, “Come here.”  Joseph turned her down, saying that Potiphar trusted him and he couldn’t sin against God.  She kept pestering him and one day he literally ran out of his coat getting away from her.  Mrs. Potiphar cried out that Joseph had tried to force himself on her and she scared him away by yelling.

Joseph was thrown into prison, and Genesis 39 says God was still with him.  The head jailer liked Joseph and put him in charge of the prisoners; he ended up running the whole operation.  In time, the king’s baker and cupbearer are thrown in prison.  (Genesis 40) They both had dreams the same night, and Joseph was around to interpret them.  He gave the cupbearer the good news that he would be getting out of prison soon.   Joseph asked him to please remember him and tell Pharoah about how he didn’t deserve to be in prison, that he’d been wrongly accused and wrongly sold into slavery.  The baker hoped to also have good news about his dream, but no, he was destined for a sad end.  When the cupbearer went back to work for Pharoah, he forgot all about Joseph and two more years passed.

Dress Rehearsal.  Jacob and some of his sons.

Dress Rehearsal. Jacob and some of his sons.

(Genesis 41) Pharoah had a troubling dream and didn’t have anyone to interpret it.  The cupbearer said, “Oh, I forgot.  There is this guy I met in prison who correctly interpreted dreams that the baker and I had.”  Pharoah called for Joseph immediately and asked if he could interpret for him.  Joseph said, “Not me, but God can.”  Joseph told the king that Egypt was in for 7 years of bountiful harvest, then 7 years of famine.  Because Pharoah saw that God was with Joseph, he appointed Joseph to get Egypt ready for the bounty and the famine.  Joseph was second-in-command and had the chariot to prove it.  Pharaoh told Joseph, “I am Pharaoh, but no one in Egypt will make a single move without your stamp of approval.”  Now THAT is some power!

Want to know what Joseph did?  Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of Joseph and me.

PS – Have you ever considered how you would react if you were presented this opportunity to face those who hurt you….and you had the power?  Or have you had this experience?  Were you proud of the way you acted?  Read Part 2 of Joseph and Me right here.

All photographs and writing property of LoneStarLifer. 2009.


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  1. Paula this is so exciting!! It is a wonderful ministry! God bless you for sharing your talent with others to spread God’s Word! Love ya!!

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