Joseph and me. Part 2.


So we were discussing Joseph and his life in my last post.  He was living in Egypt, second only to Pharoah.  His brothers came to ask for food during a famine, not realizing that they are talking to the brother they sold into slavery.  They bowed before him, just as his dream had predicted many years before.

Dress Rehearsal.  One of my Egyptian dancing buddies.

Dress Rehearsal. One of my Egyptian dancing buddies.

Joseph was ready to have a reconciliation with his brothers, but wanted to have youngest brother Benjamin join the group.  He accused the brothers of being spies and said if they were truthful men, they would go home and bring back Benjamin.  He kept Simeon with him while the brothers went home.  Father Jacob was not pleased for Benjamin to go with them as he was afraid he would be lost as Joseph was.  The famine finally got bad enough that he relented and the brothers came back with Benjamin.

Dress Rehearsal. A brother of Joseph.

There was more family drama, but long story short, Joseph and his family were reconciled.  When the brothers realized who Joseph was, they were scared as they remembered what they had done to Joseph in the past.  He sent them back for Jacob so the entire family could be together.  They were given good land upon which to live and the family had many good years together.

Years later, Jacob died and the brothers were worried.  They wondered if Joseph was still angry with them and now that Jacob was dead, if he would punish them.  The brothers bowed before him and said, “We are your slaves.”

And here’s my favorite section of the story (Gen. 50): Joseph said to his brothers, “Don’t be afraid! I have no right to change what God has decided. 20You tried to harm me, but God made it turn out for the best, so that he could save all these people, as he is now doing. 21Don’t be afraid! I will take care of you and your children.” After Joseph said this, his brothers felt much better.

You tried to harm me, but God made it turn out for the best……

This is the mantra by which I try to live my life.  This scripture is taped to my computer.

You tried to harm me, but God made it turn out for the best……

I’m borrowing this next little bit of discussion from a friend who taught a class about Joseph many years ago and it has always stayed with me.

Josephs’s life looked like this:

Look familiar?  I’m sure I’m the only person whose life looks like this. Right?   Highs and lows and mundane and lower lows and regular life and lows and high highs.  For years, Joseph has inspired me.  He reminds me that a person’s life will have all manner of good, bad, hurt, joy, smiles, tears, love, loneliness, celebration, hope.  And through it all, Joseph’s  faith in God stayed intact, and he kept the big picture in mind.  There are things in life that can throw me for a loop and hey,  I’m human.  I worry, I laugh, I stress, I love, I get frustrated, I grow, I live….and hopefully, I do it all with the attitude that God keeps my best interest in His heart and what I see right in front of me is not all there is.   Joseph kept putting one foot in front of the other and walked into better things.

Dress Rehearsal.  Transforming into an Egyptian lady.

Dress Rehearsal. Transforming into an Egyptian lady.

Joseph also models forgiveness for me.  He sure was done wrong, but he was able to not only forgive his family, but see that the things happening in his life were stepping stones for better things.  I pray to keep an open heart and mind to hear, to see, to figure out what God is trying to teach me.  I often fall short of the goal, but when I do have those moments where I can plainly see God’s hand in the workings of my life, it is overwhelming.

If you are interested in reading the entire story of Joseph, check out Genesis chapters 37-50.  There are other lessons to be learned.  Doing right no matter what.  Not letting unfairness turn you into a bitter, angry person.  Showing courage in hard moments.  Allowing God to work through you so others can see his greatness.  Joseph’s story can speak to you in any season of life.  Check him out!

If you are in the Houston area, come see the show.  Remember, we are all ordinary folks who have day jobs, but we do a pretty good job of sharing fab music and a relevant story for your life today.  Leave a comment or email me if you want more information.

You tried to harm me, but God made it turn out for the best……

You tried to harm me, but God made it turn out for the best……

You tried to harm me, but God made it turn out for the best……

Dress Rehearsal.  I'm putting the finishing touches on Mrs. Potiphar.

Dress Rehearsal. I'm putting the finishing touches on Mrs. Potiphar.

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6 Responses

  1. Fun, fun, fun! See you at rehearsal tonight!

    • Paula,

      I appreciated what you shared – following Joseph’s life and understanding that the Lord had a bigger plan brings a lot of instruction,comfort and encouragement for our own journeys.

      Working together on projects like this are most special! We are really grateful for the all the folks associated with Christ in the Arts here in Lubbock. (do check out our website soon – – and you can catch a glimpse of what’s going on)

      May your Houston folks be most blessed – both actors & audience!


  2. Paula, it seems you lead a blessed life. Love you – in Him, Anna Lou

  3. Loved this entry…sent it to my sister. I tease her all the time about being God’s favorite (His “Jacob”), but maybe I’ll call her “Joe” this week. (Hey, her nickname actually is “Jo,” so that works out perfectly.)

    Someone tried to do her harm once. They should have known it would backfire. (Do NOT mess with The Good Shepherd’s sheep, Bad People! How many warnings do you need?)

  4. We look forward to next week-end Paula. We are cheering for you and Jamison! Thanks for using your talents. Love, Helen

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