The 30-Day Giving Challenge. Day 4.

Big J likes to watch NBC Nightly News, so by default I watch it, too.  Lots of things going on in the world that hurt when you hear them.  At the end of each Friday’s newscast, Brian Williams has a segment called “Making a Difference”.   Good is the focus of this segment; good people, good works, good coming from bad or sad.  Most segments are about normal, everyday people who saw a need, listened to their hearts, and went to work to answer the need.

briwiLast Friday Brian Williams was in Afghanistan and did a story on an orphange that takes care of approximately 150 children.  Viewers were so touched by the story that by the time Brian did a follow-up story on Monday, 130 of the children had sponsors and a great deal of money was donated to the orphanage.  I haven’t heard a new update but I am guessing that after people saw the Monday update, the remaining children now have a sponsor.

Here is the Friday report.

Here is the Monday report.

Now THAT is must-see TV!

P.S. There is a blog dedicated to the ties that Brian Williams wears.  An English teacher writes the blog.  If I remember correctly, she started it as a writing demonstration for her students, and she has continued it for several years.  If you read it often, you will start noticing his tie each evening. 

At least I do.

The 30-Day Giving Challenge.


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