I Love Me Some Whataburger.


I LOVE hamburgers. Always have. When I was young and on a trip with my folks, I was sometimes allowed to have what I wanted for breakfast.  Ham. Burger. When I moved from home and was on my own, I once ate hamburgers for two weeks straight. Just cause I could. One of my first real jobs was at McDonald’s. I was taking college summer school classes, so I worked at night until closing. My McDonald’s was a test site for the ice cream. Our claim to fame: 5% more butterfat in our ice cream than Dairy Queen. Those were the days!  Each night, my job was to clean the ice cream out of the line, then clean the machine.  I ate most of the ice cream that came out of the line….put some in a large cup, then layered hot caramel, filled the rest of the cup and topped with hot fudge.  Didn’t gain an ounce.  Those REALLY were the days!

Anyway, when I get to choose from where our hamburgers come, my choice is always Whataburger. They have just the right mixture of condiments and toppings so that the burger is juicy but not TOO messy, the hamburger patty is the right thickness (for me) and the finished product is a fest for my eyes and tummy. And when they run the A-1 cheddar burger promotion, get out of my way. I have friends who grew up in Texas, but sadly do not reside in the Lone Star State these days.  When they cross the Texas border for a visit, Whataburger is first on their list.

Well, Whataburger is having two giveaways in the near future.  The first giveaway is Tuesday, November 10th.  Here’s their description of what’s going on:

whataburger11/10/09 – Orange Night Out
It never ceases to amaze us how many dedicated fans there are of Whataburger. Well, here’s a great chance for you to prove yourself as part of that crowd. On Tuesday, November 10th from 5-8 pm, we invite you to get decked out in orange from head to toe for an Orange Night Out. So dress up, dine in, show us how much orange spirit you have and get a Free Whataburger®.

I wonder how I’m going to get Big J in an orange jumpsuit……

Second giveaway is called The 12 Days of Whataburger.  Hmmmm.  Kinda sounds like that binge I went on. Here’s what’s going on for this giveaway:

12/1/09 – 12 Days of Whataburger
The holidays are all about giving and so is Whataburger. So, we are happy to share “The Twelve Days of Whataburger” with you—a special promotion starting December 1st, where every other day until December 23rd, we’ll email you a coupon for a Free Food item. In order to receive these free offers once they start on December 1st, along with other future promotions, please click here to sign up.

So, head on over to the Whataburger site and sign up for your Twelve Days of Whataburger emails.  A little gift for yourself while you are gifting everyone else.  And those of you who aren’t near a Whatabuger.  I’m sorry.

And no, I was not paid or rewarded for this post.  Whataburger doesn’t know who I am and doesn’t know I wrote this love note to them.

All writing and photos (unless noted) property of LoneStarLifer 2009.
Photos courtesy of Whataburger website.



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  1. I remember, boy do I, those days where I didn’t gain an ounce! I don’t know if I’ve had these burgers, but I love In & Out Burgers. Closest one is 500 miles from me.

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