The 30-Day Giving Challenge. Day 9. Official Announcement.

Well, finally, I can announce something that happened several weeks ago but I didn’t want to talk about it until I had it in my hands.  Now I have it:


Remember that I entered my friend Joe in a contest to win a $100 OfficeMax giftcard? He, and his SuperStars, WON!  In fact, he won four times, picked by four different bloggers.  Unfortunately, I was only able to accept one card.  When contacted, Mr. Hays commented, “AWESOME”.  He will be using the card for copy paper, laminating, transparencies….and that’s probably the $100 right there.   I put it in the mail today.  I am SO HAPPY to be able to give this card to him.  Thanks to Extraordinary Mommy for awarding the OfficeMax card to Joe. 

When I first put out the word asking for support and help for Joe, I got several nice offers.  Several weeks ago, a schoolteacher friend of mine shipped 118 pounds of books for his classroom library.  She used to teach older elementary grades but now teaches kindergarten and the books had been sitting in her closet for quite a while.  I had some financial contributions and was able to send Joe $140 in OfficeMax cards.  When I sent the $100 card today, I also included a $40 card from another generous family.  Late this afternoon I got a commitment of another contribution that will put the total financial support at over $300.  Not bad for a gal who just started her little blog in June.  Thank you so much to all who are helping Joe and the SuperStars have a successful school year.


I also picked up books at Half-Price Books, dollar stores, eBay, Borders bargain tables.   It was so fun to pick out the books since I absolutely LOVE books and love to read, and I was excited to know that the books are going to a classroom where they will be used and (hopefully) loved.  I ended up sending six small boxes of books, supplies, flashcards, dominoes and other math games.  DSCF0242

 I included some SuperStar goodies but I’ll wait until tomorrow to reveal more. Giving.  It’s a good thing!!


4 Responses

  1. I love this – and am perfectly thrilled that Joe won! You are a fantastic friend and tireless supporter of his efforts – he is so very lucky to have you on his side!

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  4. Ugh, I’m so lucky to have you on my side! How many ways can I say “thank you”?


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