The 30-Day Giving Challenge. Day 12.

I’ve written about Joe and the SuperStars here, and here. This is part 3 of the story. When Joe said he was calling his students the SuperStars, I thought to myself, “Self, let’s create an identity for the students that focuses on that title. SuperStars.”

So I went home and asked my 12-yr old son, Little J, what he would draw if he were to draw a logo for the SuperStars. He, almost immediately, said he saw a star with a cape blowing in the wind and a mask like the Lone Ranger. So I said draw it. And he did.


 Right on, Little J!

I knew that Joe had talked about his students writing thank you notes for an LCD projector that was given to them through  I thought it would be fun for the SuperStars to have their note cards to use.  I really got into the designing mode and ended up creating posters to put up in the classroom, a banner with the kids’ picture on it, sticky notes, business cards that say I’m a SuperStar, notepads, magnets with the SuperStars picture on it, caps, shirts, tote bags. 










Maybe I got a little carried away but it was fun.  When Little J got a thank you note from Joe, written on a notecard with his design on the front, he was happy and proud.  SuperStars, hope you enjoy your goodies, because I enjoyed creating them for you.


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  1. […] had already branded my class the SuperStars but my friend took it to a whole new level. She had her son create a graphic to go along with the brand (a star dressed as a superhero – L… And then she went to work. Sticky notes, notepads, note cards and a large poster with a picture of […]

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