The 30-Day Giving Challenge. Day 14.

I’m about to drop into bed, I’m so tired.

I was the recipient of a great, gracious gift today.  We have an upstairs bedroom that has been designated as our office.  But it really is the drop-off room.  Anything that didn’t have a home got dropped into the drop-off room.  There was barely room to walk through and finding a surface on the desks to work on was unheard of.  I am trying to get a home business off and running and knew I needed that room to keep my inventory and have papers in one spot so I can run my business.  So, one of my dearest friends, B, came at 9:00 this morning and helped me clean out the office.  Another really really good friend, D, came also; she got to stay until 11:00.  B stayed until almost 8:00 this evening, cleaning out, throwing away, sorting, taking me to Wal-Mart to buy all kinds of storage drawers and containers, bringing her good vacuum cleaner and cleaning the room , even the baseboards.

I’m exhausted and must now go to bed.  What a good feeling to know there is a room upstairs that is straight and clean and ready for success.  What a wonderful gift that is.

I was too embarrassed to take a “before” picture.  Not putting that mess on the internet to come back and haunt me later!  So you’ll have to take my word that the difference in the morning’s room and tonight’s room is day and night.

And while I was receiving my gift, Big J cleaned out the closet in the office and washed all the bedding we no longer need.  It was taken away by B this evening to be used in a mission supported by our church.  Someone will be getting a nice bed set.  So most everyone was a winner today.

Sleep, sleep.  Good nite, all.

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