The 30-Day Giving Challenge. Day 16.

It’s late so this will be short. I know this challenge is about giving but tonight I want to say thank you for something I received. On Saturday two very good friends came to my rescue. We have a bedroom that has been designated as our home office. No one has officed in it for a very long time and it had become the drop-off room. Literally, I would open the door and drop whatever into the room and close the door. It was so depressing. And overwhelming. I don’t have any “before” pictures, you would’ve had to judge me.

So, the two friends came over and gave me part or all of their Saturday to shovel out the room and get it in working order. I am working on something exciting in my life and I needed the room to help me be organized and successful in my new venture. I do have “after” pictures and I am happy to show off the newly reformed home office.

I see a new coat of paint in the future, perhaps a sage green. Put new blinds in the window, and I think we will be cooking with gas. My friend “D” who couldn’t stay all day came by Sunday to see the progress. She said it looked like a before and after room on “Clean Sweep”, it was that dramatic.

One room down, nine more to go.

Thanks, “B” and “D”. You made my day, my week, my month!!! Love you both!


3 Responses

  1. How totally wonderful!!! Tell “B” and “D” that I love them for doing this for you!! Now THAT’S what friends are for! Can they come to my house next Saturday?

  2. […] of a small town south of Houston.  I got my website up and running.  My friends came over and helped get my office organized and supplied.  I’m off and running, and I’m happy that I jumped in with both feet.  […]

  3. Those two friends are certainly keepers. That office looks great.

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