New Update Dated 1-19 from Hope for Haiti’s Children

“News from the Front” from Hope for Haiti’s Children.

Edit: 2:05 pm Wednesday 1-20.  I just read there was a 6.1 aftershock at daybreak this morning.  I’m praying for the people and all the caregivers.

UPDATE: 1/19/2010

Yesterday I just never got around to an update. There are so many hurting people and people needing so much care in the city – it just feels wrong to be here at the house, not out “really” doing something! But I have to realize that if the coordination is not in place, good help may not be in place either.

WE spent yesterday getting supplies, fuel, coordinating, etc.  Then – supplies were taken to the orphanage. The orphanage in Thomazeau loaned us two 50 gallon drums to haul water in to the orphanage. This helps immensely!

JT, JB and I had a meeting about the hopeful arrival of the medical group and also about the relief that we could possibly have for distributing to those in need.

I asked some of our older guys to take my lists of children in Cazeau, Delmas, and Cite Soleil. They will go to these areas and look for our kids and find out how they are doing.

However, this will take time… We may not find out anything. So many people have fled to the provinces. Please DO NOT contact me to know if I have info. Our internet is on overload as far as our allowed daily megabytes and we need to maintain contact with folks in the States.  I wish I could, but I simply do not have the time or the energy to respond about individual children. We will make sure that if we have information on specific children the sponsors will be notified.

Our medical team did arrive this afternoon! Yea! and praise God – all eight got on the flight with all their bags! God is good.  We had an hour before dark to get to the house so we simply headed home for the night.

When we arrived at the house Ben, David, Lucner and “People” had arrived. Ben and David are representing WFR-Relief and will try to access some of the aid that is coming in. Lucner is a minister in Cap Haitien and People is his friend (I’m sure there is a different way to spell that, but that’s what Lucner calls him).

Laura prepared a nice dinner for us, the nurses and doctors sorted their meds, everyone has showered (except me- p.u.) and I believe almost all are in bed.  We will set up clinic at Cazeau Church tomorrow morning and see who the Lord brings to us. WE are open to His leading and guidance.

Yesterday, I got some GOOD news! Leonel called me! He is okay – he was in PAP when the earthquake passed. His house is destroyed, but he is ok. His brother Henry Claude was in Cap Haitien and is ok. (Leonel and Henry Claude were in the Cap Haitien orphanage when we were administrators there).

Specifics for prayer:

  • For our friend Bobby (Thomazeau orphanage) to find diapers for all their babies!
  • Praise for the formula the group brought today
  • Prayer for the fuel tanks to not run dry (1 Kings 17) and for the tires on the vehicles to be like steel!
  • Pray for all the MANY, MANY people here who have not had food in many days – pray that the relief gets to the streets and people can be relieved of some suffering.
  • Pray for maybe a  light sprinkle of rain to settle some dust – but for just enough – not much. These folks are dealing with enough!
  • Well, I could go on and on but will end there for now. The Spirit intercedes for us when we do not know what to pray!

God bless you all!


Picture copyright LoneStarLifer. 2010.


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