My New BFF = 2010 Ford Fusion Sport

Last week I came back to this blog, saying there were some things that happened in December which kept me from blogging.  Some good things, and I’ll be writing about that soon.  One thing that was not so great was this: 

December 14. We were on our way to Little J’s first band concert, on the tollway at 6:00 pm. There had been slow rain that day so some slickness.  Traffic was slow, and then finally, a break.

Everyone picked up speed, but we were following at a safe distance from the Ford Edge in front of us.  The Edge started slowing down, we started slowing down…the girl driving the Rav4 behind us did not slow down.

There was a carnival to the right of the tollway, and she said she just looked over for a few seconds and that’s when it all happened.  She hit us and pushed us into the Edge

We were in my 2006 Ford Fusion that I loved!  I had always bought neutral colored, basic cars, but soon after I turned 50 I bought a red car.  Well, Ford called it Merlot, but whatever the color, it was the most comfortable, fancy car I had ever owned.  The Edge and Rav4 were both higher than my Fusion, so we didn’t hit bumper to bumper.  The Rav4 pushed in my trunk and the Edge pushed in the hood and inner workings of my car.  Everyone was ok, some stiffness and soreness the next day, but the Fusion was totaled.

The girl (I say girl because she looked to be in her 20’s) took full blame for the wreck and her insurer, State Farm, was easy to work with.  I got a rental car for the holidays so we were able to go to my brother’s for Christmas. I got the payment I wanted for my totaled Fusion and then we were a one car family for about 3 weeks, which is not impossible but not easy, in Houston.  My brother just happens to be a car salesman – a good one.  He works for Sewell Ford in Odessa.  Sewell is a long-time Ford dealer and continues to be strong even in this economy.  Check ‘em out if you are in West Texas and need a vehicle.  And go here to see what they did for their company Christmas party.  ANY-way, Brother recommended the 2006 Fusion to me (when I turned 50) and didn’t steer me wrong on that car.  Steer. me. wrong. Get it??!!  I looked at cars while I was there for Christmas, then flew to Odessa this past weekend and picked up this beauty:

Introducing my new best friend, the 2010 Ford Fusion Sport.

Sangria Red Metallic

comfortable bucket seats

The 2010 Fusion is Motor Trend’s Car of the Year. Here are the things I love about it: Sync (can talk handsfree on my cellphone, stream music from my cellphone, conduct car maintenance checkups, to mention a few Sync features)  6 CD player, 12 Sony surround-sound speakers, USB port to play mp3’s from flashdrive, Sirius radio, illuminated easy-to-read dash, spacious trunk, very comfortable leather seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel.


the hub of my Sync

Now, here’s some more cool things that it make it a nice drive, but I don’t know exactly what it all means: 3.5L 24-valve Duratec V6, potent 263-horsepower rating, 6-speed SelectShift™ automatic, manual override for sport shifting, 18” aluminum wheels.  Well, whatever is under the hood, it drives wonderfully and is quiet on the road.  I’ve never been one to care much about what I was driving.  As long as it ran and didn’t cost too much, I drove it.  But when I bought the 2006 Fusion, and discovered that being in your car can be a pleasure, I broadened my definition of the car I wanted to drive and my new best friend, the 2010 Ford Fusion Sport, fits my definition to a T.  I drove all day Sunday to get back to the Houston area and as I sat comfortably in my leather seat, I sang with Susan Boyle as 12 Sony speakers shared her beautiful voice, talked on my cellphone by pushing a button on my steering wheel,lauged along with the Comedy channel on Sirius and  listened to almost an entire book on CD as my CD changer smoothly moved to the next CD, and generally had a very nice day.

illuminated dash - love it

leather-wrapped steering wheel

By the way, Ford does not know me, they don’t know of me or this blog, they don’t know I bought a Fusion Sport (maybe their computer knows), I was in no way asked to write this blog entry and am getting no compensation for writing it.  Same goes for Sewell Ford.  Well, I’m just known as The Big Sister  there and I don’t think my brother even reads my blog, so I can safely say that I’m not being compensated for writing this love letter to my new car.

my BFF from the front


13 Responses

  1. Hey Paula,

    Congratulations! Nice blog and great car! I have a black 2010 Ford Fusion Sport and I love it! Ford has a winner with this car.


  2. I love it! Love the smell of a new car 🙂


  4. oh la la shiny shiny red car. I likes. *jealous but i am glad you are safe to blog another day 😀

  5. Cute & Cool car – congrats!

  6. Love your new car Paula! Congrats! The “sync” feature sounds awesome!

  7. I’m so happy that you were able to get such a nice car.. It’s a beauty. Can’t wait to go for a ride..

  8. Congrats!! She is pretty!!

  9. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Paula Parks, Paula Parks, Paula Parks, Paula Parks, Paula Parks and others. Paula Parks said: New blog post about my new BFF = 2010 Ford Fusion Sport #ford […]

  10. You were in Odessa this last week-end and you didn’t call me?!!! I don’t know if you remember but Odessa is 20 MILES from Midland! But I really love your car! I love red cars too! Enjoy!

    • Constance Lucille!
      I flew in, bought my car, visited a little, drove to Snyder to spend the night with Mom, then drove home. It was a fast trip! But I did think of you!!

  11. whit may not read your blog but i do! does your husband know you have written this love letter to someone else? 🙂 love love love the new ride! it’s you! good to see you on your visit, albeit short. looking forward to getting together over spring break. bring your new best friend! lol. 🙂

  12. Paula, what a *great* story! Well, except for the accident part. We’re glad you and everyone inside were okay. So cool to see your new Ford Fusion Sport in another variation of red – we’ve gone from Merlot to Sangria; I wonder if your next one will be Strawberry Daiquiri? 😉

    Anyway, we just wanted to say THANK YOU for being a loyal Ford fan and customer and for sharing your story on your blog. The photos are wonderful and we appreciate the kind words for Ford.

    Scott Monty
    Global Digital Communications
    Ford Motor Company

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