1-22-10 Update from Hope for Haiti’s Children

Notes on the Ground in Haiti.   Hope for Haiti’s Children.
Haiti Program Director, Debbie Vanderbeek, shares events of the day
Good morning –
I’m sorry for no update last night. I know some of you may have seen a comment or two posted on Facebook by team members.
The team is well. The clinic saw more injuries yesterday than the day before. Some had had some level of initial dressing, but many also had not been treated yet.
I was ready to do the update last night, when a man (Bobby) from Thomazeau who operates a small orphanage came to the gate asking if we could come with one of the doctors to look at their 1-month old baby who was running fever and had not eaten all day.
Chris, Michael, Steve and I went to check on the baby. Michael and Chris examined the baby while Steve and I interacted with the children. When they were finished with the exam, Michael asked if we could pray for the baby. Bobby told the other children that we were going to pray and all of them, every one of them under age 9 dropped to their knees to pray. It was a humbling sight.
The baby was given Tylenol and antibiotic. She will probably be okay.
This morning we are going up to Delmas 18 to set up at the home of Pierre Andre, who is Jeantyrard’s oldest brother. His home is standing, but compromised. He has many people living in his yard and is trying to care for as many as possible. We were asked to come help the injured there. This will likely be the team’s roughest day so far. Please lift them up in prayer as we come to mind throughout the day.
Life is getting increasingly difficult for people here. Many are seeing no aid – have not eaten or had water in several days. People are now beginning to die from lack of these basic necessities.
I know word is starting to get around about orphans being evacuated out. In anticipation of questions, our children in Cazeau Orphanage do not meet the criteria for evacuation.  The children are fine. Sonia seems to be growing a little weary – please pray for renewed strength for her each day and good health.
Jeantyrard is under tremendous pressure to help church members. Please pray for his health as he has some health issues already (not new, but ongoing medical issues).
Pray for relief goods to get to the people most in need of them; pray for order in the distribution areas so that the relief can be delivered.
Pray for the camps being set up outside the city to be readied in record time and that people can be moved into them and receive care immediately.
God bless you all in your prayer and all other efforts of support in this time of tragedy. Debbie

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