1-24-10 Update from Hope for Haiti’s Children

Notes on the Ground in Haiti.  Hope for Haiti’s Children.
Haiti Program Director, Debbie Vanderbeek and members of the medcial team share events of the day
Tonight each of the team members who wish will add a short section in the update about the day, their thoughts, observations, etc.
Tomorrow we will work in Thomazeau at a still being determined location. We will have a worship time here at the house and then set up clinic around 12:00. There are many in Thomazeau who have come from PAP to stay with relatives or friends, and we also will just reach out to our neighbors.
A follow-up to yesterday: We have a baby girl! Wisla, the young lady who came to the clinic late in the afternoon gave birth to her first daughter shortly after we left last night. Steve and I went to the hospital to check on her. I was wondering what her attitude would be like, if she would have not bonded with the baby, if Wisla would even still be there, or would she have abandoned the baby. What a proud, happy mommy we found! She was so happy to see us too. Please pray for Wisla – she will have to leave the “hospital” probably by tomorrow. She has no home to go to.
Okay – now for the others to have a turn:
I have never seen so many gaping, deep wounds… We did the best we could in giving good dressings and antibiotics hoping no infection will come.   One boy had 3 crushed fingers today that I treated.   I cleaned his fingers as carefully as I could as he cried from the pain and dressed his fingers with as soft a dressing as I could find… he was my hero.  One little girl was the only survivor in her house and had to be pulled out; she had a deep wound on her leg.  I hugged her and told her she was very brave and strong. I have cleaned wounds and placed dressings through blurry eyes…. It is heart wrenching….I thank God for allowing me to come and help in some way.
Debra Hardy
I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be here in Haiti helping these amazing people.    They have forever changed my life, and I thank them and God for this experience.   Our translators have been such phenomenal, wonderful men and women.
I have seen so many people in the last four days that are hurting not only physically but emotionally.  They complain of headaches and flu, but they also complain of their “heart hurting” and say that they cannot sleep.  These same people are sleeping on the street.  It makes you just want to wrap your arms around them and tell them it’s going to be okay – even though you can’t promise that to them.  It breaks my heart, but these people are so resilient and so full of love – thank you God for allowing me to be here to experience this.
Gina McMahon
Well, today I stayed home while the team went into town to set up the clinic.  It is so beautiful here at Tim and Debbie’s house you could easily forget about the suffering in the country.  But it’s here…and it’s very real.  What a blessing it was to be able to welcome the team home tonight and hear their stories of caring for the injured, loving them, and praying with them.   They were all so full of joy and great attitudes when they got here it really surprised me, considering all they have to do in a day.  I believe THEY are all getting the blessing!  And it was great to hear of Wisla’s successful delivery of her beautiful baby girl.  Steve had some pictures and she is truly a proud mother!  Hello to Brian, Liz, Brian, Emily, Grant, Naomi and William.  I miss you all and will see you soon.  Tell all hello for me!

I think everyone is tired, but extremely grateful to be here to do what seems like such small things in the big, huge picture here – but none of it is small. Each person who has been touched, had a wound cleaned, a bed to give birth in, a bit of medicine or food – it was large to them. We’re going to miss having this team when they leave on Monday morning.
I ask all of you to please not forget what has happened and IS HAPPENING in Haiti. Please be in this for Haiti for the long haul – and it will be a long, hard haul.
God bless you all! Debbie

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