1-28-10 Update from Hope for Haiti’s Children

Notes on the Ground in Haiti.  Hope for Haiti’s Children.
Haiti Program Director, Debbie Vanderbeek, shares events of the day
I left early this morning to make the connection I missed last night. It did not pan out, so I was glad I didn’t break my neck getting to it last night.  I went on to the orphanage to check on them and deliver some fairly useless tents. These tents were snatched up by David and Ben last week when they were here with us. The problem is that they were for Iran. They are “desert tents”. What that means in short, is that they are totally transparent and not water-proof. My sister described it best: “You could have a nice picnic in them”. But really, folks can sleep in them at night and have some relief from the bugs!
Gusman, my almost constant companion now, and I went to Jeantyrard’s to deliver some food for the church members and other folks who come to him for help. Jeantyrard looks good. He is taking his meds like he should and seems to be in pretty good spirits. It appears he was meeting with some of his church leadership and it was good to see them, some of whom I had not yet seen.  I’ve seen Jean Baptiste every day. He was waning there for a bit, but I think he’s doing okay now. He had a throat infection and Dr. Dave gave him an injection a couple days ago. He said he’s feeling better. No one should worry – I am making sure that Jeantyrard and Jean Baptiste are getting what they need for themselves and their families.
hear that the government has said that the country, except for Port-au-Prince, should go ahead with school. The PAP area should start in March and if necessary meet under a tent (tarp). We will wait a little before making an assessment of the situation of school!
I got home at 3 PM today and felt very guilty for being here. But I was falling asleep at the wheel in PAP traffic so decided to come home. I am now falling asleep again, so will end this. PLEASE, don’t forget the people of Haiti in your prayers.
God bless,
JT and Mike Calvert
Jeantyrard Elmera with a member of our Board of Directors, Mike Calvert
Debbie with Jean Baptiste
Jean Baptiste with Debbie

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