2-4-10 Update from Hope for Haiti’s Children

Daphca gets a blanket
Daphca gratefully receives a blanket.   Her sponsors –Timothy and Katerine Dekker

Notes on the Ground in Haiti.  Hope for Haiti’s Children.

Haiti Program Director, Debbie Vanderbeek, shares events of the day
Today was a great day!

I went to the orphanage first to deliver/pick up some items. I found the little girls singing a great song: Satan Has Lost the Battle! It was great to hear their little voices declaring the truth in song! They were so full of joy!

Then I met up with Cameron and Riley, two guys from Mission Lazarus in Honduras. They just wanted to tag along with me while I did whatever I had to do. We went to the refugee camp that JT has set up over across the street from the Delmas 28 church/school site. Some Catholic Sisters are allowing the use of their school yard for the camp. When I walked into the compound I was almost tackled by John Kelly Chery, one of our sponsored children at Delmas. We had not yet seen each other since the earthquake. John Kelly just would not let go – he just kept me in a bear hug. Finally he let go and grabbed my hand and said, “Come here, look at this”. He was very excited. We walked across the courtyard and he pointed up into the sky. Way, way up in the sky was a tiny home-made kite. He had made it out of a black plastic grocery sack, some thread, and I couldn’t tell what the tail was made of. We took a whole series of pictures of the kite. He kept reeling it in closer so it would show in the photo. Finally after bringing the kite way down, we got it.

Also staying at the camp are several other sponsored children. Many were not there when we visited, but we saw Daphca Alexis Fleurissaint, John Kelly Chery, and Rudolph Jerome.  Kenny Junior Chery is at the shelter too, but I did not see him.

The people staying at this camp are church members, some of their family members and neighbors. They are fed a light meal in the morning and then a meal of rice & beans in the evening. The group was pretty orderly while receiving their food. Jeantyrard is the “juice-master”. He mixes the juice and serves it to each person. He seemed to really enjoy this role! The folks from Go Missions had sent a lot of blankets donated from American Airlines and some clothing. I took what the orphanage needed first and brought the rest for church family. There was not an orderly line for this distribution, but it wasn’t totally out of control either. Blankets were given to women with children first and then to others.

We left with Jamba and went in the direction of the Family Memorial Clinic to get some meds that David (our heart patient) needs to be on until surgery. On the way we stopped to inquire about a shipment Amerijet had told JB we had received. Turns out the shipment wasn’t for us, but for MOH. But that put us in position to help someone in need. On the road near the General Aviation airport, we saw a small crowd of people on the side of the road looking into the ditch and a couple of people pouring water into the ditch.  We stopped and asked what was the problem. A woman had passed out and fell into the ditch and they were pouring water on her to try to bring her around.

They asked if we could take her to the Miami Hospital, which is a large field hospital that has been set up in between the General Aviation and International Airports. We took her right over to the hospital and they took her in, no questions. It turns out she had not eaten in two days. There were quite a few there in the same kind of weakened state. They were being cared for and fed. The University of Miami has set up this hospital and is serving a large number of people. After I asked around a bit, we were able to get the meds we needed for David, since we knew our clinic had closed for the day. It was a five day supply, so we still need to get another supply. I know we had the meds he needs in the donations I took over there last week.

Then we headed on to the refugees camp where David and his family stay. They had taken David back to the hospital the previous evening. His mom said he was in bad shape, but was better now. I think they gave him another IV, but it is never really clear….

We told them about the quick surgery date. David’s father was going to go back to their crumbled house to try to find David’s birth certificate. JB is going to try to find out how to get a passport since the passport offices were destroyed. There is a lot to be done and seemingly insurmountable odds to overcome, but I believe God’s hand is on this and He already has a plan for all of this. David seemed very happy to hear the news of a date so soon, but he did appear weaker than a few days ago when I saw him.

We then dropped JB off to do some things he needed to do and went to buy some more food supplies for the upcoming distribution on Friday.

I thought perhaps Tim Graham and Julmice would be at the house by the time I got back, but they had not arrived. A few minutes after getting home I got a call from them and they were not even to Jimani yet and it was already 7 PM. The truck was having mechanical problems. Finally around 11:15 they called again and had made it to Roberta’s where they needed to drop some of the supplies. They decided to stay there for the night and come on over here in the morning. The goods they are bringing will be instrumental in our distribution.

The children at the orphanage, the children at the camp – they made this a great day! Thank you for your prayers – Jean Baptiste’s boys are getting better. Jean Laurens was keeping some fluids down and starting to play a little. Please keep praying for a strong recovery.

God Bless,
“For You have been my hope, O Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth.”   Psalm 71:5
Boys flying kites
Children at the camp being kids
2 are sponsored through HFHC:
Rudolph (center) – sponsored by the 37th Street Church of Christ
John Kelly (right) – Therese Hostetter
Man receives a blanket
American Airlines donated blankets.  HFHC handed them outWaiting in the food line at the camp.

Waiting in the food line
The people staying at this camp are church members, some of their family members and neighbors. They are fed a light meal in the morning and then a meal of rice & beans in the evening. The group was pretty orderly while receiving their food.

Kite in the Sky
Their kite….made from a black grocery
bag and thread
Daphca gets a blanket
Daphca gratefully receives a blanket.
Her sponsors —
Timothy and Katerine Dekker
Girls sing Satan has lost the battle!

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