Announcing Snail Mail Notes.

There is one venture in my life right now that is taking my extra time and energy.  It’s one of the reasons I had to slow my blogging down at the end of last year.  And now I’m ready to tell you what’s going on.

Introducing Snail Mail Notes
staying in touch the old-fashioned way

I have long been a letter writer, note sender, card lover.  I have several boxes of letter and cards saved from years of corresponding with friends.  When I shop, I have a bad habit of picking up a some cute notecards, or going into a store (hello? Hallmark) and coming out with ten cards instead of the one I went in to buy.  Some of my friends say I’m a connector, which I take as a real compliment.

Over the years I’ve also been an amateur photographer. With advancing technology, using digital photography and photo editing, my pictures are improving. And at some point, my two passions merged. I began printing notecards and postcards for myself, and designing gifts for others. And for a long time, the dream of sharing my creations with a large audience lay in my heart. But I’m not a risk taker. And I work full-time. And I have a 12-yr old son and hubby at home. And I try to be involved at church. And did I say I’m not a risk taker? So I continued to dream and pray. I observed friends like the Royers being resourceful and entrepreneurial, and read so many bloggers who started out “writing a little blog at home” and becoming bloggericious, writing books, making appearances, sharing themselves, being authentic, creating a (for the most part) warm, embracing community. I sat quietly until the time seemed right for moving with my dream.

flat card that can be postcard or notecard

Last fall, the time seemed right. I started shooting photos, designing cards, making plans. I turned over names for the business and finally settled on Snail Mail Notes. Little J is a nifty artist, and while sitting in a restaurant one day,  I threw out Snail Mail Notes to him.  He it was old-fashioned. Which, I said, was the point. It IS “old-fashioned” to write a letter rather than send an email, Tweet, Facebook message, instant message. I asked him what he saw as a logo for Snail Mail and he drew my logo right then and there. (You can see the entire logo above.) We tweaked it later, but my logo is basically what he drew for me that day.

flat card that can be postcard or notecard

I set three goals with Snail Mail Notes.

  • Have a creative outlet to feed my spirit
  • Encourage others to stay connected by sending notes and cards
  • Make an affordable product that people like me can buy

    snail mail. how cute is that?

I worked hard this past fall to get inventory ready for Christmas.  I designed small and large flat cards that can be used as a postcard or flat notecard, small and large folded notecards and cards, enclosure cards that are fabulous to use on gifts or to slip in a lunchbox or giftbox.  I also created magnets to spruce up your file cabinets or front of the fridge.  I did an outdoor arts and crafts show in early December, the day after it snowed in Houston, so it was one COLD event.  I then set up booth space in an antique emporium in an historic downtown area of a small town south of Houston.  I got my website up and running.  My friends came over and helped get my office organized and supplied.  I’m off and running, and I’m happy that I jumped in with both feet.  This past Friday night, @kidtogrownup and I had a Twitter party where I was able to introduce myself to some bloggers and moms and Twitterers (Tweeters?) and gave some Snail Mail Note prizes.

enclosure card

Thanks to many of you bloggers, commentors and friends who have encouraged me along this path.  Please stop by Snail Mail Notes, check out the merchandise and pick up some one-of-a-kind cards.  And……BE THE CONNECTION.


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  2. Congratulations on your new business…very exciting!

  3. […] is hosting a Snail Mail Notes giveaway!  I sent her some of my cards, she liked them, and we worked out a giveaway.  She is giving two sets of cards, your choice.  […]

  4. Congratulations on your new business..I hope it works out great for you..

  5. Hi there. Stopping by from Marketing Monday Blog Hop! nice to connect and cute idea. I wanted to let you know I stopped by!

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