2-17-10 Update from Hope for Haiti’s Children

Sonya and Jean
Sonia & Jean Toussaint
Houseparents at the Cazeau Christian Orphanage
They are pictured with their son, Woodine.  Woodine is sponsored by Tim and Tammy McDonald for education.

Notes on the Ground in Haiti.  Hope for Haiti’s Children.

Haiti Program Director, Debbie Vanderbeek, shares events of the day

At first I felt a little bad about going to do a food distribution at the mountain when the rest of the country was mostly stopping to pray and fast and be in services devoted to prayer. But then the Spirit reminded me of Isaiah 58:7, so I went with no guilt. I wonder if more times than not, most of us need to fast, not from food, but from “going our own way”, just being focused on “what I want to do today, thinking about what I want to think about”.

The distribution went well. We saw most of the children from both mountain villages – Brajirois and Robert. A handful did not come, but their parents came to get the food for them, explaining that the child was sick. No one was seriously ill – fever or colds mostly.  It was a good thing that we had decided to pre-bag the food for the kids.

We had thought about buying the food in the local market and dividing it in a nearby church building as we have done a couple of times in the past. But the market was closed down because of the call to prayer.

After the food distribution Jean Baptiste, Gusman & I went to the Cazeau Orphanage to meet up with Jeantyrard. When we arrived all the children and Sonia were out in the yard. They were praying and reading scripture. We were able to join them for the last 30 minutes of their “service”. I was again reminded in an even greater way of just how blessed we are to have Sonia taking care of our kids at Cazeau. I think this woman’s faith must be incomparable to any I have seen. Our children have a great example before them of how to live and depend on God in all circumstances.

David Senatus
David Senatus
Photo taken at the Medical Clinic last year.
David is sponsored by Paul & Jean Fultz

At about 7:30 PM, I received a phone call from the consular officer we had spoken to in front of the embassy on Wednesday.  He that the senator’s letter had been received and that rather than applying for a medical visa, we needed to apply right away for humanitarian parole for David.  He gave me details of the email I should send to the Homeland Security officer and his email address. I got to work right away on the letter, getting help from Dr. Smith on the medical details, and emailed it out. It bounced back to me – “user unknown”. How disappointing! So I emailed the consular officer, whom I had copied on the email, to check the email address for accuracy. I got the automated reply: “Out of office until February 22”. Another blow! I am waiting for a more appropriate time in the morning to call the consular officer and get this email to the right place! Please continue praying for this! If David gets the humanitarian parole, he could be ready for travel by the end of the week! We need him in Arkansas by the 22nd.

God Bless,

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  1. Wow. I love these updates. Beautiful children and stories.

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