I {Heart} Faces. Fix-It Friday 2-26-10.

The photography website I ♥ Faces encourages and advises all levels of photographers.  Amateur and Professional photographers come together to give advice, compliment, teach and promote photography.  Early in the week they host a theme challenge.  This week it was “Hands On” and I entered this picture.  On Fridays they host Fix-It-Friday.  They provide a photo that you can work on and link back to the photo.  I think it is fascinating to see the multitude of fixes, all different and creative.  If you have an interest in photography, this website is for you.

This was a busy, full week at work and home, so I kinda’ feel like I got nothin’ today.  Brain. Fried.    When I saw the Fix-It Friday picture, I wanted to focus on the girl’s sweet face, so this is what came out of my fried brain…..

First, the original picture:

Original Fix-It Friday photograph

Then my fried brain said:

Try #1

Try #2

I use Picnik for photo editing.  I wrote about them earlier here and here.  A lot of the photographers on I ♥ Faces use Photoshop and it works beautifully.  Picnik is more my price range and  it has plenty of options for me – I haven’t even figured out how to use everything it does!  Go by I ♥ Faces and check out all the great edits.

Happy Friday and have a safe weekend.

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All writing and photos are property of LoneStarLifer. 2010.


2 Responses

  1. Try two is really cool

  2. Great job! I like the first one the best!! I’m just a beginner! Check my Fit-It Friday out here – http://mothertobee.blogspot.com/2010/02/fix-it-friday-45.html

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