Am I Too Late for Easter?


I really meant to get this post published last week.  But Life said I was needed elsewhere.

Little J is about too old to be excited about Easter egg hunts and baskets with plastic grass.  I still like to put together goodies for holidays, and thank goodness, I have an elementary class in St. Louis to which I can send surprises.  My bud Joe is the teacher and he calls his class the SuperStars!

I am not the artsy/craftsy kind of person that can draw and design and cut and come up with original ideas.  But there are many bloggers who can do all that, and they are generous enough to share their talents with us.  One of my favorites is Amy of Living Locurto fame.  With her help, I put together these cute Valentine bags for the SuperStars!

For you, Amy :>)

I went to Amy’s site for Easter help and found a link to Skip to My Lou.  I discovered cute bunny cards that you print, cut out and staple to a goodie bag.  I added the SuperStars! label with a program that can write in a .pdf file, like Adobe.   I bought pastel cardstock at Michaels, then raided Dollar Tree for goodie bags and candy.  I printed the cards, cut out the bunnies and stapled them to the top of a carrot goodie bag filled with Easter grass and candy.  It (kinda) looks like the bunny is holding the carrot!

So here is what I shipped to Joe last week.

easter1 He emailed me today to let me know the bunnies arrived, so the SuperStars! will be noshing on sugar, sugar, sugar Easter Sunday.
easter2 easter4

I hope to gather a listing of artsy/craftsy blogs that I like.  There are quite a few young mothers at my church who are energetic, fun, and involved with their kiddos, and I think they could be inspired by and have fun with some of these blogs.

Here is another project I HOPE to get done before Easter.  These will be for my grown-up friends.  I think they are SO CUTE.  Hint: there are Peeps involved.

SuperStars!  Enjoy your bunnies!

All writing and photos property of LoneStarLifer. 2010.

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4 Responses

  1. I just now found you from being a follower on my blog. Wow..I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to get back with you.
    So nice to meet a fellow texan and friend !
    You really have alot going on over here ! Love your blog and thanks for following A Lovely Home.

  2. Cute idea! Since I don’t have young children any more, I don’t think about doing something for younger children. I like the fact that you were thinking outside your box. 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, those are SO cute! I am the most un-crafty person you will ever meet. I despise crafts. And, I don’t do near enough for my kids on Easter; that is changing this year!

    Did you know you can blow up Peeps in the microwave? LOL Just heard that on the radio today. I hate those too – may have to try it. Teehee. 🙂

  4. That is so cool, I love the peep themed thing.

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