Thinking of You Tuesday

I have several real life (IRL) and “internet” friends who are hurting.  A parent in hospice, a son’s untimely, sudden death, layoff following layoff, unresolved hurt.  You name it, it’s going on.  I shared the following with a group of friends a couple of weeks ago at a prayer/encouragement evening.  I wanted to give my friend Martha credit for writing it, but she says did use it at a women’s retreat several years ago, but couldn’t take credit for authoring it.

Well, whoever the author is, several scriptures throughout the Bible were compiled to sound like a letter from God to His Beloved.  That’s you, you know.  You are His Beloved, even when you don’t feel like it.  Even when your life doesn’t look like it.

Thinking of my friends, wherever you are today.

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Take care, friends.

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2 Responses

  1. Dearest (PAULA), This Was Awesome! Many Years Ago, One Of My (Sun. School Teachers) Gave Us A Handout That Had Particular Scriptures Where In Each One Of The Blanks, We Were To Put (Our Name) Or (Our Hsbd.’s Name), Or (Whatever Family’s Name, Relative’s Name, Friend’s Name), etc. That Correlated. It Certainly Became A Wonderful Excercise To Practice (HIS WORD And TRUTHS) In More Of A Present Day Atmosphere By Instilling Our Names Into The Scripture. It Certainly Helped To Keep Us In Cheque…LOL! It Also Inspired Us To Strive To Live More Abundantly By Living In Obedience To (HIS WILL) For Our Lives As (HIS TRUTH) Gave Us Revelation About (HIS MISSION And PURPOSE) For Each Of Our Individual Lives As Well As How We Were To Carry (GOD’s PURPOSE) Out Within The Other Relationships In Our Lives.

    I’ve Got Two Questions About This. Can I Have Your Permission To Forward Your Blog Address To Some Of My Other Email Buddies So, They Can Read This? And (No. 2), Can I Make A Copy Of This, Of Course Including All Of Your Notations And Your Name, Your Copyright Claim, etc.? I Want To Put It In My Private (MINISTRY JOURNAL) That I Keep To Where I Can Refer To It From Time To Time. It Would Mean So Much To Me, Esp. Since The Handwritten Part Of This Is In Your Handwriting! To Me, There Is No Gift More Meaningful, Precious Or Sacred Than A Gift That Is Scripted In One’s Own Handwriting! This Was Wonderful! Thank-You….(GOD) Bless You! With Much Love….BEN~

  2. Paula, what a beautiful prayer – thanks for sharing!

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