I {Heart} Faces Pets Challenge.

This week, I ♥ Faces is focusing on the precious faces of our pets.  This is one of the loves of my life, Frazy.  Frazy is short for Frazier. Frazier, as in the television show that featured Eddie, Martin’s dog.  When Frazy first arrived at our house, we thought she looked like Eddie, and somehow Frazy came out of that.  (Don’t ask.) Most of the time we call her Crazy Frazy.

Frazy came to us around Mother’s Day of 2009.  Our neighbor was driving past a small town which sits on a busy highway and saw Frazy, and a chicken, sitting by the side of the road.  Frazy would have been about 3 months old at the time.  The neighbor was afraid Frazy would be run over, so he picked her up and brought her home.  He was driving a pickup truck and said she crawled up behind his neck and sat there the rest of the trip.  We have often wondered what the chicken thought when she saw her buddy driving off in a truck.  Did she want to come, also?

Said neighbor already had two dogs at his house so he brought Frazy to our house.  Little J had been asking for a dog for quite a while and Big J and I had been discussing it.  Frazy seemed the answer to that request.  We took her to the vet to be looked over and scanned for a chip but none was found.   It looked like she was ours. Little did we know what we were bringing into the house!

Frazy is a Jack Russell and therefore, vibrates with energy 24/7.  She is so full of love and playfulness.  She has her favorite toys, and when I ask her if she wants a treat, she licks her lips.  She loves to curl up in my lap while I rub around her ears.  Thank you, Frazy, for loving me unconditionally and bringing joy to my life.

There are many, many, many, many, many more pet faces over on I ♥ Faces.  Go check them out!

All writing and photos property of LoneStarLifer 2010.

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4 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Paula Parks, Paula Parks. Paula Parks said: I {Heart} Faces Pets Challenge.: http://wp.me/pyCBa-UY […]

  2. Very cute. Nice angle.

  3. Frazy is just adorable! Wow. I can almost feel the energy just looking at the picture. Very, very sweet : )

  4. Frazy is so cute!! I love Jack Russell dogs! There used to be a kids show called Wishbone on PBS that starred a Jack Russell!!


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