Warning. Teen in the House.

Enter at your own risk.

Well, it happened.

Despite my protestations.

Little J turned 13 yesterday.

He’ll have a party for all the guys in the class after school starts.  For his actual birthday, a couple of friends came with us from church to eat CiCi’s pizza and play LaserZone.  He got lots of nice greetings in the mail and he said he felt like he had a real birthday.  That makes me happy.  Some birthdays have been kind of lame as it is hard to get kids together for a party in the week or two before school begins, so having some fun on his actual birthday meant alot to him and to me.


And then I blinked, and this handsome dude was living in Little J’s bedroom……..

Happy 13th birthday, Little J.  I can’t call you that for much longer.  You are growing into a fine young man.

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