Flashback Friday. 8-20.

Flashback Friday is the brainchild of Tia over at Christopher and Tia. Go on a flashback with me.

A very young *young is relative* mom with a very young son.  I bet we have 100 pictures of Little J before he’s two months old!  And that was before digital cameras.  I’ve been going through the pictures, sorting and throwing away the duds, getting ready to send another batch to ScanDigital for scanning.   Why did I keep dozens of bad pictures, thinking I had to keep every shot that was taken.  I kept this one because I was having a GOOD HAIR DAY!

That little baby just turned 13 and started 7th grade.

For you younger mothers, let me share something from my heart.  You are stronger than you ever imagine you could be.  You WILL get through these days of scattered toys, spilled milk, temper tantrums, too little money and too little sleep, too many diapers, putting in and taking out of the car seat.  Take every giggle, every wet smooch, every book time, every quiet moment of love, every this-little-piggy-went-to-market and tuck them away in your heart.  Pull those treasures out and run your fingers over them when you think you cannot go one minute longer.  The past 13 years have alternately sped by and drug on, but each day is 24 hours and you don’t get that time back.

Little J, I am proud and honored to be your mommy.

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P.S. If you are ready to start digitizing your photos, please give ScanDigital a try.  And even better…here’s a coupon code to get $20 off $100 of services.  Get ready.  Here’s the code. Rf448378

All writing and photos property of LoneStarLifer. 2010.

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6 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Paula Parks, Paula Fulford and Paula Parks, Paula Parks. Paula Parks said: Flashback Friday. 8-20.: http://wp.me/pyCBa-YB […]

  2. Love the hair and the power suit jacket. The words in this post are so moving and so true.

  3. Wow, I didn’t expect to be crying when I saw this post! I thought, “Oh..what a sweet mommy and baby!” But your words are ringing in so true to me as I sit in my bed, surrounded by crushed up goldfish crackers my 2 year old hid under my pillow:)

  4. Cute pic…:D
    Kids grow up so fast don’t they?

  5. look at you two. my how the time does fly. i look back on the past almost 23 years as a mom and i wouldn’t change a thing. here’s to mommyhood.

  6. What a sweet picture!! I’m 32 and my mom still calls me “the baby”. 😉

    Happy Friday!!


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