Royers = ABC Nightline’s People’s Platelist = possible pie for you

Well, hello there. I’ve been away, having a little nervous breakdown. My virtual eyes were bigger than my virtual tummy. Just substitute Snail Mail Notes, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, work, home, couponing, start of school with sports/homework and photography for a Sunday church potluck of roast, ham, turkey & dressing, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, jello salad, homemade rolls with butter, cherry pie, peach cobbler with ice cream, chocolate cake and cheesecake, and you get the idea of how overwhelmed I was feeling. I think I will still be slow to jump right back in to the blog, but I have missed writing and hearing from you, my readers and commenters.

A Royers spread. NUM NUM!

I hate to jump right back in and ask a favor, but I have some dear friends who need your help. I’ve written about Royers Round Top Cafe (in Texas) on this blog before, and I still love ’em today. They are one of 18 finalists from around the country who are nominated for ABC Nightline’s People’s Platelist. You can vote once a day between now and Sunday. I KNOW, I am so so so behind on this. I would really appreciate you running over to the ABC site and voting for Bud Royer and Royer’s Round Top Cafe.

Royers at night

Now here’s the fun part. One of my lucky readers is going to win a fabulous Royers pie which will be shipped to you. Leave a comment below this post telling me you voted for Royers Round Top Cafe. This is ON THE HONOR SYSTEM since I can’t check, so I am trusting you!

*You can have 3 entries for voting, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

*You can also leave more comment entries by tweeting about this contest. Be sure to come back here and leave a comment, showing when you tweeted.  Tweet something like:  PLZ Vote for Royers Round Top Cafe for ABC Nightline’s People’s Platelist. Best. Pie. Ever.

*One more way to enter: go to Royers website, check out their pies and come back here to comment and tell me what kind of pie you would choose if you win.

I’ll be back early next week to announce a winner, and a WINNER you will be if you get a pie delivered to your front door!
Sorry, this is US residents only.

All writing and photos property of LoneStarLifer. 2010.
I was not compensated in any way for this blog post.  The Royers do not even know I am writing this blog post, and I will pay for the giveaway pie myself.  I’m just doing this ‘cuz I love ’em.

Bud the PieMan


28 Responses

  1. I voted for Royer’s and it’s a tough call to choose a favorite
    pie but apple would be nice, or pumpkin, or chocolate, or
    as I always say when presented with this situation, I just say “I’ll have a little piece of each!!

  2. I voted for them several times when you first posted about this several weeks ago, and I voted last night (Friday).
    I just cast my Saturday vote!
    Bud’s Chocolate Chip Pie would be my choice!! I’d heat it up and put some vanilla Blue Bell on top of each piece. It’s making me light headed just thinking about it 🙂

  3. I voted a few weeks ago and again tonight. I loved the chess pie at Meggan’s wedding and the chocolate chip pie. Yummmmmmy!

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  5. Thanks for the reminders to vote. I vote every time I come to Facebook and see your messages. Love, love, LOVE Royer’s pie!! All this voting has Royer’s pie on my mind, and the craving is driving me crazy. By the time this competition is over, I may have to jump in my car and drive to Round Top! (I’m impressed with anyone that can choose a favorite. I think you’re supposed to go Royer’s with friends, each order a different pie, and share!)

  6. I voted yesterday and again today and finally was able to watch the video ( I had to get off my company VPN link). Thanks for reminding me.. I love the chocolate chip pie. I would love to drive up to Round Top sometime to eat at the cafe.

    Don’t work too hard…

  7. I voted Paula. AL

  8. I voted once. Tried to again, but says I only get to vote once. I’ll vote again from G’s computer!!

  9. Hello! I voted –hope he wins! Best wishes! xo

  10. Tweeted! Lots of luck*

  11. tee-hee gosh mmmm so many pies! My favorite has to beeeeee: BUD’S CHOCOLATE CHIP OMG! hehe yummm!

  12. I voted for Bud Royer~


  14. I voted for Royers. Just returned from a full day at Warrenton, and sure would have enjoyed a piece of Royers’ pie!

  15. hey girl…voted 3 times…he seems to be moving to the top….I don’t know what kind I would like…I guess I would have to look over the menu to decide! Icebox would probably be good for up here….:)
    good luck to Royer’s!

  16. Voted for Bud, again!

  17. I voted for Bud @ Royer’s Cafe again – used different computers 🙂 I’d love some Chocolate Chip Pie right now! Yummmmmmmm!

  18. I Have Been Voting (PAULA)….YAY! If I Could Choose A Pie, I Would Choose Either Their Buttermilk Pie, The Chocolate Chip Pie Or Perhaps A Pumpkin Pie! Good Luck Everyone!….MS. BENNIE~

  19. I voted again today without you even reminding me.. Is this the last day?? Hope you had a great day at Royers today. Chocolate Chip Pie

  20. I love Royers and voted for them. Their chocolate chip pie is my favorite!!

  21. Give Bud a big kiss for me! My oh my!

  22. GOTTA try this place! I have subscribed to Country Living magazine for many years, and they always talk about the great antiques in Round Top. And being married to an Aggie… he didn’t know where Round Top was . SO, if I get to go to TX again in the near future, I hope to enjoy pie AND antiques!

    Love your blog — but that’s not pressure for you to write more. Just know that I’ll enjoy it when it’s there … My ladies at Bible study loved the bluebonnet snail mail notes. Will probably be sending another order your way in the near future.

    Be blessed, Paula!

  23. OK – I *finally read and followed your directions… and visited their web site. I’d have a hard time deciding between the butterscotch chip and the buttermilk pies… I’m a bit relieved I don’t have to!!

  24. YUM! I want some of that pie now! Enter me please…
    That looks delicious!
    Mmm. Yummy.

  25. I tweeted next I’ll vote, visited the website butterscotch pie and that choc chip pie…yUM!

  26. I cant vote it says page is unavailable. Send me the direct voting link on Twitter? Please?
    Clutteredbrain is my handle…

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