“Texture” January 25, 2010

“I Wanna Dance” February 15, 2010

My fix.

Friday-Fix-It 2-19-10

“Hands On” February 22, 2010

“Hilarious Outtakes” March 2, 2010

Friday Fix-It 3-5-10

“Jump for Joy” 3-7-10

Friday-Fix-It 3-12-10

“Bundled Up’ 3-12-10

“Focusing on Angles” 3-23-10

Original Fix-It Picture

I {Heart} Faces. Fix-It Friday 3-26-10

I {Heart} Faces. “Dramatic Black and White”

I {Heart} Faces. Fix-It Friday 4-1-10

I {Heart} Faces. My Story In Photos: Dessert Recipe Edition

I {Heart} Desserts. Even better than faces!

I {Heart} Faces, Ummmmm, I Mean Feet.

I {Heart} Faces. Play Photo Challenge.

I {Heart} Faces. Fix-It Friday #58 6-10-10.

I {Heart} Faces. All About Babies Photo Challenge.

I {Heart} Faces. 6-18-10 Fix-It Friday #59 (but on Saturday)

I {Heart} Faces. Celebrating Teens Challenge.

I {Heart} Faces. 6-25-10 Fix-It Friday #60

I {Heart} Faces Pets Challenge.


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