Fat Cyclist update.

I have written about a blogger named Fat Cyclist before.  His wife Susan is fighting cancer and I’ve been reading about their struggles for the past year.  Last Thursday Susan began being in so much pain that serious measures are being taken to make things bearable for her.  If you are moved to do so, I ask that you spend a moment in thought for Fatty (that’s what he calls himself) and Susan; also their four children at home.  You can read the latest on them at http://www.fatcyclist.com/2009/07/20/july-21-update-on-susan/.


Early Tuesday morning update: http://www.fatcyclist.com/2009/07/21/7-grapes-4-spoonsful-of-ice-cream-5-bites-of-rice/

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Fat Cyclist

Ok, please don’t be offended.
That is the name of a blog I read.
Fat Cyclist.

Again, I don’t remember how I found this website but I am a regular reader.  Not to read about his cycling, which is interesting but not my thing.  I read to find out about his wife Susan who has been fighting cancer.  Fatty has taken his love for his wife and cycling and raised a ton of money for Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation.  All while taking care of Susan and their four children, working full-time and dealing with what Life has thrown at them.

This morning, Fatty posted that Susan is not doing well.  They had a rough day yesterday.  Please join me in praying for Fatty, Susan and their family.  And if you would like to help him raise money to fight cancer, read more on the website and see if you are a fit for anything.  If you have friends who actually like to ride bikes, forward this post on to them and see if they would like to join Fatty.

This is some of what is good about the blogosphere.  Thanks, my friends.

All photographs and writing property of LoneStarLifer. 2009.