Houston on the Cheap.

Houston Skyline from the South

My family is doing ok financially right now, but there have been times in the not-so-distant past that we were really limping along in the finance department.  We had one car, with no air conditioning, and Big J would drive me to the park-and-ride bus stop each day to catch the bus to work.  On the weekends, Little J and I would catch a bus that took an hour to get downtown, then we would catch the metrorail or another bus to go see a play or do something free or cheap downtown.  These days we don’t have to ride the bus downtown on the weekends, but I still am often looking for things for our family to do that won’t cost too much.

Well, I made a cool discovery today.  My buddy Bud referred to this website in a Facebook entry.  This website, Houston on the Cheap, tells what’s going on in Houston that is free or cheap.  For instance, today’s entries include free spaghetti at Buca di Beppo, free chicken at KFC, free kids shows at Miller Outdoor Theatre, and a $1 meal at Boston Market.

I scrolled down the website and saw free music downloads, a free movie in Discovery Green park, and a hot-air balloon festival in Clear Lake.  Definitely bookmark Houston on the Cheap ( or sign up for their free upates) and when you are looking for something fun to do with family, friends, or yourself, you ought to be able to find just the ticket on this website.

Houston on the Cheap is part of a network of Cities on the Cheap.  The Cities site will tell you all the cities in the US that have a website with the same type of deals and steals.  How handy would this be for your next vacation?  Or maybe you have a college kid living in one these cities.  Some cities I saw in a quick search were: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Boulder, Charlotte, Chicago, Ft. Worth, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Nashville, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Seattle, Taos, Tucson.

Happy cheapness!


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I Continue to Heart Coupons.

coupon2In an earlier post, I introduced my love of couponing and said I would be sharing some great websites that help with my money-saving shopping trips.

One of the sites from which I get daily, sometimes multiple daily, emails alerting me to great savings is

Deal Seeking Mom.


Deal Saving Mom’s tagline is Real Deals for Real Moms.  If you’re a fake mom or a real dad, or just are interested in saving money, I’m sure she’s fine with you coming by her site also.

Tara, aka, Deal Seeking Mom (DSM), has great tips on coupons for restaurants, grocery shopping, online shopping, clothing and household shopping; just about anything on which you want to save money.  Each week she publishes deals at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc., and shows you how to match up manufacturer, store and internet coupons with the store deals to get the biggest bang for your buck.  Here is an example of  Walgreens’ deals that Tara recently posted on her website.

DSM at times offers great magazine deals.  I was able to purchase two years of All You Magazine for a crazy price.ay_2rf2388bmcc0609_allyou_cover 
She’ll let you know when Amazon or other websites are having good deals on magazines.  I like to order directly from her if possible.  I’d rather give my money to a stay-at-home mom who’s figured out how to use her blog for fun and profit than to Amazon. 

Forums are another feature on Mom’s website.  You can exchange couponing information, ask questions, find out how others handle their shopping trips by combining coupons and sales, etc.  If you are into giveaways, there are many, many, many websites that have giveaways each week; you can try to win everything from gift cards to kitchen gadgets and appliances to books to services.  Each week DSM has the Giveaway Gathering.  Bloggers post their giveaways for the week, then you click on the links that sound interesting to you and enter.  Usually entering the giveaway consists of leaving a comment on the bloggers site, perhaps subscribing to the bloggers updates, twittering about the giveaway, etc.

 Tara is one of Walmarts 11 Moms.  Walmart has partnered with “mom blogs”, money-saving blogs, green mom blogs, etc., to see how Walmart can serve those blogging communities and their readers, how to get Walmart’s message out using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Who better to consult than the women who day-in and day-out interact with people all over America and have up-to-the-minute info of The Latest goings-on inside the internet.

One last cool feature.  A coupon database.  Coupons are listed with their value, expiration date, source of coupon.  You can sort the lists to help you search for particular coupons and what insert they were in, or see if printable coupons are available.  coupon3

All right, that’s my discussion on couponing for today.  If you have favorite coupon/money saving sites, share with us in the comment section.

Happy Money Saving!

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I heart coupons!


One thing you may not know about me is that I love to use coupons.  Coupons at the grocery store, at a restaurant, at Kohls, Sonic.  ANYWHERE!

I’m still learning about all the resources available to help me with this endeavor.  I have some websites listed in my blogroll that cover couponing and saving money and I subscribe to their feeds.  One site I recently discovered is COUPONS AND THINGS BY DEDE .  Don’t tell me if you already know about this type of coupon service.  I’m always a little late to the party.  Anyway, this is a coupon clipping service. You can order coupons that come in the Sunday paper for the cost of postage, handling and tax.  So if you stock up or use alot of an item, youcoupon4 can order lots of coupons to help with your purchase.  I recently ordered coupons for a free can of dog food, and for the cost of 2 cans, I walked out of the store with 10 cans.  I placed my order on Monday, the coupons were in my mailbox on Wednesday and I was on my way to the store that evening.


You can also order whole inserts that come in the Sunday paper.  It’s cheaper than buying an extra newspaper.  Maybe you could find someone to share the cost of the inserts and then it would really be inexpensive.

Well, that’s my money tip for the day.  I’ll be back to share more sites that help me be better with my $$.  randalls2 We can all use more of that, right?

PS – I don’t know any of these people, we’ve never talked, I’m not getting any kickbacks for mentioning these websites.  I just like them and thought you might also.




Share YOUR money saving websites with me!

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