Guest Blogger: Local Dog Has Meltdown Moment

The following is an email that one of my best friends “J” sent me yesterday.  It was too adorable to keep to myself.  Don’t I have talented, funny friends?  I love me some girlfriends!!  Earlier this year, @kidtogrownup and I hosted a Twitter party and “J” was right there to donate prizes.

“J” is an award-winning Mary Kay director and can ship wonderful Mary Kay product to wherever you live.  Check her out at .


Local Dog Has Meltdown Moment

(West TX)  Three month old standard poodle, Louie B, described his reaction to being omitted from the most recent edition of Reader’s Digest, which featured “Amazing Pets” as “heartbreaking”.  Louie stated, “I’m the cutest puppy alive, and that in itself, is amazing. I can’t believe they left me out.  They put a surfing pug on the cover. Puh-leeese!”  The puppy continued, “I hate them. I will eat every Reader’s Digest that is within 2 miles of my yard. After they are shredded on the floor, I will let you guess what I will do to them next!”

In a fit of anger and boredom after flipping through the August, 2010  “Amazing Pets” edition, the puppy laid on the floor and cried, “I hate this camera, too. The pictures my mom took with it made me look fat, so I’m eating it, too!”

Described by his mother as a “sweet puppy” who has occasional bursts of wild-eyed romping, Louie appeared much calmer after destroying the magazine. When asked how he felt later that day, the amber colored poodle replied, “If a magazine came to your house and had the sexiest people alive on the front cover, and none of them were you, wouldn’t you be upset? I’m French. What did you expect?”

Before racing out of the room to find his stuffed frog squeaky toy, Louie offered this bit of wisdom. “Some days you’re the floor. Some days you’re the peepee. Learn to tell the difference. Stop and smell the poo in your own yard before you smell the poo in your neighbor’s yard. And always use your puppy-dog eyes to fool your people. It will work every time. This Reader’s Digest thing will be over by nap time. I’m over it, and I’m not sorry for what I did.”

All writing and photos property of LoneStarLifer 2010. (With thanks to “J” for this post.)

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